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Updates posted in guild

1) New pack offered by moonlightcastle Free Daily Feeding

2) umm Moonbeams have been changed a little, posting doesn't earn points any more... I need to fix the page for this. A parent emailed me claiming it isn't fair for those that can't post... sooo I've decided that I wouldn't give points for it any more... It is for the better any ways we don't want people comming in and just spamming to get points

3) I want to organize a day when we all give to the money tree... I also want this day to be publisied (knows this is spelled wrong) on all the neoboards... we need to set a date and time ^.^ you can give any thing from junk to good stuff whatever... and it will be given to the money tree

3) I'm figuring out what the info pages will say ^.^

4) Well with a new webbie comes a few changes:

a) Ranks have been changed a little... you now need to have a certain amount of posts under your belt to move up

b) Contests have been changed a little... some have disappeared and some have been added
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