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Castle of Moonlight Community
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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
2:13 pm
I just joined, I am pretty good at Neo. My pet is a Halloween Kougra, and her name is Taara_Kat, if you want to say hi to me, I'm too lazy to post my username. ^_^

Current Mood: artistic
Friday, February 13th, 2004
2:41 pm
1) I got a fire Kacheek that will be going to the adoption center, there is also a sketch mynci in there...

2) I am opening up the package position to any one that wants to apply between now and the end of the month.. put in an app and make sure you talk about qualifications... I will be neomailing you as well... kind of like an interview, if you can't provide the packages needed you will be demoted to previous spot

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, February 12th, 2004
11:36 am
I know I have been busy lately but I'm expecting it to calm down... I know I will be on a little this weekend at the very least

AND it is a three day weekend... for some reason the promoting community turned my entry down last week and I didn't have another chance to put one through... but I will get one this weekend

WE need more members and activity

Also I'd like to rewelcome our newest newbie helper Yarouh K

Welcome back *thumbs up*

I hope that everyone is ready to send in their gifts for secret cupid, if you haven't put up your wishlist I suggest you do asap

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, January 31st, 2004
8:05 pm
indtroducing myself...

Hey everyone, well I recently joined the guild and I just joined this community so0o0o...

*waves* my neopets name is IronButterfly0822 if anyone wants to say hi <:o)

Current Mood: happy
6:22 am
Neopets is down... Are You Bored... Do you want to chat?
Now neopets being down doesn't have to stop that lovely spam type chat that you want to have... and You don't have to post messages to every community looking for someone to chat to... Just head on over to neo_chit_chat

Right now is a good time, since everyone is bored with the site down and all ^.~

So far there aren't rules or I would list them here... come on down and chit chat with us ^.^

Current Mood: bored
6:12 am
Do You...
do you think your neopet is the best? Do you wanna see if they actually are?

Do you want a Neopets rating Community *winks* sure you do... I mean there is a rating community for everything

Well join neopets_nation or at least check it out today ^.^

Right now is a good time, since everyone is bored with the site down

Current Mood: bored
2:26 am
Neoquest 2 is live

The end of the month is almost up... sooo go in and get your votes for motm, also sign up for secret cupids ^.~

I am ready to assign people... I hope I have your name down

I have put up the get to know pages and gave some graphics better color fonts to a few pages... I want to work on the other part of the webbie but I'm not doing that until I have finished getting the first one all done

New contest faerie and adoption Man

We have openings in council, if you have been around for a while and think you can handle a post go ahead and apply

Current Mood: happy
Monday, January 26th, 2004
11:45 pm
Guilds, roleplay ones that is...
There is a banner behind the cutRead more...Collapse )

Sorry but I've been seeing a lot of guild advertising so I thought I would throw my lot in ^.^

My guild currently has 25 members, a few of them are very very active including myself.

    .:Castle of Moonlight:.
  • GREAT ACTIVE members
  • Awesome Admenities (check the webbie, link below, to see more)
  • WEBBIE click here
  • secret CUPIDS for valentines day
    ~check it out today to learn more~

    We even have our own livejournal community neopetsguild and I'm currently working on getting a deadjournal community for those that have a dead journal as opposed to a live one

    If there is anything you want to know feel free to email me!

    ( Cross Posted to every neopets community that I belong to... that allows advertising I was bored sorry )

Current Mood: bored
9:43 pm
I would like to give a big thank you to all those that have joined the community ^.^
Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
9:35 pm
Special Night
I think that our "special giving night" should be either Sat. Feb. 14th (valentines day) or the day before Fri. Feb 13th... you guys will be voting on this next... but I am hoping to give stuff all day or at least from morning till about 5pm nst time...

that is 16 hours behind Aussie time, 3 hours behind Eastern time... it is Pacific time ^.^

I'm not sure how long it will be but I hope everyone is stocked up on items to give. We will be giving one item at a time I think rather than quick stock (to spread items out).

It would be great if all guild members attended this will probably be told to you through neomail also

Please tell everyone on all the chatboards about the big giveaway... I plan to give away stuff from omelettes and little plushies to a few hundred dollar items

This stuff is going to random POOR neopians, the money tree is only for poor people... I would like everyone to know that we are some of the people giving away.

IF your not going to be on one of these days please tell me... and we might change it a little or if you want someone to give items for you please tell me... I think we should try to give all day...
7:50 am
Any one can post here
ANY ONE CAN POST HERE you just go to the name .:Castle of Moonlight:. and on the info page click the update spot... make sure to scroll down and change it so it says post to neopetsguild... and you are posting here

go ahead make a sample try post we want to here from you
7:42 am
I might post this later in the guild
The end of the month is coming up ^.^

We need to get in all of our votes for member of the month so go VOTE... your vote counts

Also... SECRET CUPIDS to get in you must neomail before the end of this month I might send out another neomail to everyone to make sure I have all those that will be participating

Don't forget about luke's contest neomail him the person with the best pet gets two faeries... I'm going to talk to him about sponsering Pet Of The Month...

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
10:05 pm
Updates posted in guild
1) New pack offered by moonlightcastle Free Daily Feeding

2) umm Moonbeams have been changed a little, posting doesn't earn points any more... I need to fix the page for this. A parent emailed me claiming it isn't fair for those that can't post... sooo I've decided that I wouldn't give points for it any more... It is for the better any ways we don't want people comming in and just spamming to get points

3) I want to organize a day when we all give to the money tree... I also want this day to be publisied (knows this is spelled wrong) on all the neoboards... we need to set a date and time ^.^ you can give any thing from junk to good stuff whatever... and it will be given to the money tree

3) I'm figuring out what the info pages will say ^.^

4) Well with a new webbie comes a few changes:

a) Ranks have been changed a little... you now need to have a certain amount of posts under your belt to move up

b) Contests have been changed a little... some have disappeared and some have been added

Current Mood: accomplished
9:43 pm
Well, I'm not so worried
Well I don't think I have to worry about getting frozen... It's been a while and no problem happened... soooo now I got all my exchange trades back up ^.^ I will announce it in the guild later and I'll move the updates I put there here ^.^ in a bit
Monday, January 19th, 2004
9:50 am
oh yes
I almost forgot...

I am working on getttting a dj community for those of you that might want that area rather than here... I'll cross post on them ^.^ when they are set up that is

Current Mood: excited
9:46 am
Well hello everyone, the guild has been really active in the guild message boards... but it doesn't have the same in the regular message boards

I'm thinking about just making that one for chat... ... like no talk about new things... leaving that for the guild message boards so that people feel more like posting... perhaps I can come up with some plan to get everyone to join here and there??

Your ideas?
Sunday, January 18th, 2004
9:51 pm
I have just finished the first half of the new webbie

I still have to make the non frame version... but I'm going to wait a bit... cause I think it will be a pain.. kind of to copy and paste and create new pages for everything...

But hey I'm sooo happy with this one I really want opinions... what do you think?

I think it is my best ever... though I need to make it look a little more fancier in some of the links pages
Monday, January 12th, 2004
11:27 pm
IT's up... it isn't all the way finished... of course some priveledges need to be given so Council can speak ^.^ umm

if there is any comment on it please do... any input is greatly appreciated

Current Mood: accomplished
3:25 pm
The webbie
As for the webbie, it is going to be totally re vamped with less pictures... if you don't want this to happen you better speak up now because I'm about to destroy this one and make a whole new one almost from scratch.
Sunday, January 11th, 2004
9:40 pm
well I'm working on changing the guild layout and webbie... the first step of course is to make a new layout picture... and then base the rest of the page off of that

So far there are two votes for medieval fantasy so I have been working on that
so far here is what I have
Read more...Collapse )

I am thinking about having a picture with a neopets theme... since there is currently one vote for that
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