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Guilds, roleplay ones that is...

There is a banner behind the cut

Sorry but I've been seeing a lot of guild advertising so I thought I would throw my lot in ^.^

My guild currently has 25 members, a few of them are very very active including myself.

    .:Castle of Moonlight:.
  • GREAT ACTIVE members
  • Awesome Admenities (check the webbie, link below, to see more)
  • WEBBIE click here
  • secret CUPIDS for valentines day
    ~check it out today to learn more~

    We even have our own livejournal community neopetsguild and I'm currently working on getting a deadjournal community for those that have a dead journal as opposed to a live one

    If there is anything you want to know feel free to email me!

    ( Cross Posted to every neopets community that I belong to... that allows advertising I was bored sorry )
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