Felica Little (felicalittle) wrote in neopetsguild,
Felica Little

Special Night

I think that our "special giving night" should be either Sat. Feb. 14th (valentines day) or the day before Fri. Feb 13th... you guys will be voting on this next... but I am hoping to give stuff all day or at least from morning till about 5pm nst time...

that is 16 hours behind Aussie time, 3 hours behind Eastern time... it is Pacific time ^.^

I'm not sure how long it will be but I hope everyone is stocked up on items to give. We will be giving one item at a time I think rather than quick stock (to spread items out).

It would be great if all guild members attended this will probably be told to you through neomail also

Please tell everyone on all the chatboards about the big giveaway... I plan to give away stuff from omelettes and little plushies to a few hundred dollar items

This stuff is going to random POOR neopians, the money tree is only for poor people... I would like everyone to know that we are some of the people giving away.

IF your not going to be on one of these days please tell me... and we might change it a little or if you want someone to give items for you please tell me... I think we should try to give all day...
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